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Today's society likes social entertainment, combining the necessity of eating with socialization and entertainment. From public events to private, we offer creative entertainment opportunities and provide a list of other businesses that might help with location and food/catering. We strive to make our client's event planning easier. 

For establishments that serve food and beverages:

Karaoke, Trivia machines, and DJs cost money for the establishment.

We would like to provide an option that does not cost the vendor to provide - Creative Entertainment Events. 

You allow us access to your venue space and our guests will have access to your menus. You should have increased sales as our guests generally purchase beverages and food.

You will receive "free" advertising through our website. Our Creative Entertainment Coaches will be promoting their events which are held at your venue. We encourage venues to provide a direct link to their website from ours.

We are also interested in places that like to provide opportunities for the communities to utilize their spaces for gatherings.

In an effort to help our clients plan their private events we have compiled a list of potential venues for their private events. If you have a room that you feel might meet our needs, and you would like to see be utilized, please contact us so we can add you to the list.


  • Semi Private Space, chairs and tables for 10-25 people (max 50) to sit comfortably with activity and food
  • Access to electricity for electronics and music/ PA system
  • Access to water and place to dispose of dirty water
  • Trash Cans
  • Hard Floors (that can be cleaned with mop)
  • The ability to host events on a regular basis
  • Your list of requirements when people/ groups use your venue
  • For groups over 10 a dedicated server so guests are efficiently provided food and beverages


  • We need access 90 minutes before the event to set up. The event duration is 2 hours. Another 60 minutes to clean up/ pack up.
  • Adults, Families and children and all that goes with them (children under 14 must be accompanied by someone 16 or older, drop offs are not allowed)
  • We strive to provide no trace of our presence and clean up of any spills.

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