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Our mission is to assist people in gaining the creative, personal, and educational skills that enable them as leaders in their communities.

Time to leave work, stretch, invite friends and family out for fun and creativity.  

Please note that pricing and minimums vary based on event supplies and venue.

Can I just show up for one of your sessions without paying or reserving in advance?

Sure!  But we recommend signing up in advance to ensure you have a saved seat.  If the event is sold out, there will be no way to accommodate at the door creativitycoach.

Payment must be with Credit Card if registering at the door.

Are Children allowed?

The answer is dependent on the venue. If the venue requires patrons to be at least 21, NO ONE UNDER 21  will be permitted.

We welcome minors 14 and older to any Public event that is held in a venue which has no age restriction.  The minor must present a Minor Participation Waiver if attending without someone 18 or older. The children 6-13 must be accompanied by an adult and must purchase a seat. No one will be allowed to sit at the tables that is not actively involved in the project (unless it is a specific Family Event). If your child is younger than 12 we respect the parent’s judgement to their maturity level and skill level (to not be frustrated.) The instructor for Public Events may not have experience working with children so the child must be able to understand the instructions (with parental assistance).

There are special Family Events, with different pricing structure, and instructors that have experience working with children of all ages.

Are College Students Under 21 allowed?

 The answer is dependent on the venue. If the venue requires patrons to be at least 21, NO ONE UNDER 21  will be permitted.

Students between the ages of 16-20 will be permitted at venues with no age restrictions without being required to be accompanied by parent.  The instructor will have the authority to request disruptive patrons leave the event.

Older/independent kids are welcome, with adult supervision (or, for teenagers, permission from the Organizer, with a release from parents).  

Food and Beverages

Adult Beverages

Many venues have alcohol liscenses. They will card and anyone 21 and over is permitted to drink responsibly.

Do you provide alcohol?

Drinks are not included in the event cost; alcohol and food is available for purchase by patrons at an additional cost. 


That is dependent on the venue. Public venues in restaurants do not allow for BYOB.

Other private venues may allow for alcohol to be brought in. Venues will check to see if the person drinking is 21 years old or older.

Do you serve food?

CWF does not serve food. However, venues do. You may order and pay the venue for food. You are allowed to eat at the workstation.

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These events are generally for over 18 population. 

Activities designed for adults and children 6 and up to complete cooperatively.

We will help you create a unique, customized event.

Designed to develop all levels of creativity at your own pace.

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