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Our mission is to assist people in gaining the creative, personal, and educational skills that enable them as leaders in their communities.


Currently all Private event negotiations and creativitycoach need to be made via the phone. Check back periodically as the website currently changes daily.



1.    Deposit and Date to Reserve

2.    Projected number of people

3.    Actual final number of participants (48 hours before event) and final payment due.

Number of People

Cost Per Person

Payment per individual



5 (absolute min)-9


Organizer is responsible to pay entire cost for each person (even if organizer requires participants to pay for selves.)














Click Here to Submit request for date for Private Event.

These events are generally for over 18 population. 

Activities designed for adults and children 6 and up to complete cooperatively.

We will help you create a unique, customized event.

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